Feb 192015
How to Control Nervousness During Interviews, Presentations - Wonderful Idea

This is a wonderful idea for controlling your nervousness during interviews, presentations, speeches etc. Do watch the video to know very simple but magical tip. This tip is surely going to help you and you will be able to control your anxiety, fear, nervousness etc. We have heard from so many candidates that they get […]

Jun 012013
Ten Reasons to Join Wabs Talk

1. Our institute’s aim is to provide quality spoken English and Public Speaking coaching.   A student gets individual attention of a teacher. It helps to improve English and Public speaking  faster. 2. Our method of English and Public Speaking coaching is flexible. We know we have to teach humans not robots. Under this coaching […]

Apr 112015
How to Speak Fluent English - Part 1

How to Speak English fluently (Part-1): Hey you tubers, you are watching Wabs Talk & My name is Rocky. So please, don’t call me cocky. This is not jabberwocky, I just like to jockey; when I was stocky, I used to have pokey. Have you tried pokey? Oh, it’s Okey-dokey. OK, let’s talk some business […]

Apr 102015
It is the time to kick your Public Speaking Fear - Join WabsTalk

Hi ! Friends I have joined Public Speaking course here. Wabstalk is just awesome.Teachers are just amazing.They make environment comfortable for their students.There is feed back on your every action/performance .There is good environment for learning English.Just follow your mentor’s instructions . You are sure to become a confident Public Speaker here. Best of luck […]