Jun 012013
Ten Reasons to Join Wabs Talk

1. Our institute’s aim is to provide quality spoken English and Public Speaking coaching.   A student gets individual attention of a teacher. It helps to improve English and Public speaking  faster. 2. Our method of English and Public Speaking coaching is flexible. We know we have to teach humans not robots. Under this coaching […]

Dec 162014
Child Labour in India

Child labour is an act of forcing children below the age of 14 to get engaged in labour either part time or full time. Child labour is a big black spot existing in Indian society. Today, in the list of India’s major problems, child labour has attained an important yet shameful position. According to a […]

Dec 092014

C.C.E. : Hello ! I am Anil . How may I help you ? Customer : I am Joseph . I am not able to access the internet. I am not even able to check my account balance. C.C.E. : Sorry for the inconvenience. Can you tell me the number of your modem ? Customer […]

Nov 072014
Wanna learn how to handle stage and your audience confidently - Join WabsTalk

Communication skill is the most important factor in developing a good personality. How will you express your thoughts if your orating power is not good? It was my problem. I was that kind of a person who performed very well in written English but I used to become nervous in spoken. Handling stage was a […]