Mar 192011

RITA: Good evening uncle! How are you? I am so happy to see you today.

UNCLE: I am fine my daughter. And how do you do?

RITA: Quite well. Please come in uncle.

UNCLE: Where are your parents?

RITA: Papa is out of station, and Mummy has just gone to market.

UNCLE: Where has your father gone?

RITA: He has gone to Jaipur on business.

UNCLE: But he had asked me to meet him today as he wanted to talk over some matter.

RITA: Actually he had to go suddenly in the morning today because there was an urgent business call from Jaipur. And he had rung you up at your home at 8 a.m but no one picked up the phone. He had told me that you would come and he instructed me to inform you about his sudden departure. He will come back in the evening tomorrow and he will contact you then.

UNCLE: When will your mother return from the market?

RITA: Probably she’ll be back after half an hour. Would you have water uncle?

UNCLE: Oh yes………. Are you doing B.A. Rita?

RITA: Yes, I am studying in B.A. 2nd year.

UNCLE: In which college?

RITA: In Kalindi college. And uncle, what is your daughter Madhuri doing?

UNCLE: You know she completed her graduation last year. These days she is doing a computer course. She remembers you a lot.

RITA: I will ring her up. I must prepare tea now.

UNCLE: My child, there is no need for tea. I am leaving. Ask your papa to telephone me as soon as he comes back from Jaipur. Good night my child!

RITA: Good night uncle!

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