Mar 192011

RAJANI: Is it 25834243? I am Rajani speaking. Can I talk to Dimple?

MANI: I am Dimple’s brother Mani. Hold on please. I am just calling Dimple.

RAJANI: Thank you.

DIMPLE: Hello, who is speaking?

RAJANI: Hello Dimple, I am Rajani. How are you?

DIMPLE: I am excellent. And how are you?

RAJANI: Fine. Today I am ringing to ask for a small favour.

DIMPLE: It’s my pleasure. What can I do for you?

RAJANI: I urgently need some money.

DIMPLE: How much money do you need?

RAJANI: Actually I am buying a car. And I am short of Rs.20,000/- only.

DIMPLE: All right. How can I say no to you? Can you wait till tomorrow? I shall have to withdraw money from the bank tomorrow.

RAJANI: Thanking you very much Dimple. At what time shall I come to you to collet this money?

DIMPLE: Any time after 10.30 a.m.

RAJANI: O.K. I shall reach your home at 11 a.m.

DIMPLE: And Rajani, will you be able to return my money after 3 months? I may need it then at the occasion on my brother’s marriage. I hope you won’t mind.

RAJANI: Don’t worry Dimple, I shall return it just after a month. I am thankful to you. See you tomorrow, bye!

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