Mar 192011

GUEST: In which class are you studying?

STUDENT: I am studying in 10th class.

GUEST: How far is your school from your house?

STUDENT: It is 5 miles.

GUEST: How do you go to school?

STUDENT: I go by school bus.

GUEST: How many friends do you have in school?

STUDENT: I have ten friends.

GUEST: Do you watch TV programs?

STUDENT: Yes, I do.

GUESTL: For how much time?

STUDENT: Only for one hour daily.

GUEST: For how many hours do you study at home?

STUDENT: For two hours.

GUEST: What are you hobby?

STUDENT: Playing badminton

GUEST: Do you take fruit and vegetables?.

STUDENT: I dislike them. But Mom forces me to take them.

GUEST: You must take everyday, as they are good for health.

STUDENT: They are not tasty. I like burger and pizza.

GUEST: Junk food is not good for health.

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  2. i am really like improve my English conversation, thanks

  3. i am really like improve my English conversation, thanks a lot

  4. i am really like improve my English conversation, thanks

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