Mar 192011

TINA: I think we should go for a morning walk everyday. Morning walk is extremely good for our body as well as our mind. It’ll keep us active the whole day.

MEENA: You are right. I am ready to go with you. It is the best exercise for both young and old.

TINA: It refreshes our mind and improves blood circulation. We become free from our daily tensions.

MEENA: It strengthens (make strong) the immune system of our body which fights diseases, consequently (as a result) our body is able to fight the diseases in a better way. Therefore even the doctors always recommend (suggest) the patients to have a morning walk regularly.

TINA: Yes I agree, but it is very difficult for some persons to get up early in the morning in the winter season.

MEENA: We must be firm. When we have a habit we can’t miss it. If we miss it for one day, we feel very lazy for the whole day.

TINA: In small towns people go for a walk in the fields or along the banks of canals. That’s even more exciting.

MEENA: In big cities people can walk on the roads or in the public parks where they can enjoy fresh air. The area must be pollution-free.

TINA: In the morning people enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature and feel very pleasant in a cool breeze.

MEENA: Birds chirp early in the morning on the trees. In the villages people can see farmers ploughing or reaping the fields. A very good sight certainly.

TINA: In the cities so many old men immensely (very much) enjoy a morning walk. Many do light exercise or yoga in the parks.

MEENA: Beautiful flowers of many colours can be seen blooming in the parks or gardens. We can walk barefoot on the grass. It’s considered good for our eyesight.

TINA: We should never miss a morning walk whether it is hot summer or cold winter.

MEENA: Morning walk is more essential for fat persons. If they walk regularly they can reduce their weight.

TINA: In fact we can live longer and generally a disease-free life if we go for a morning walk regularly.

MEENA: In reality, a morning walk is just like a nutritious (good for improving health) food for our body.

TINA: Yesterday night I was seriously thinking that we must do this light exercise, and I decided to talk to you about it.

MEENA: I am extremely thankful to you. Can you reach my house at 5.30 am daily? I shall happily accompany you………..

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