Mar 192011

RITA Hello John, how are you?

JOHN: I am fine. How are you Rita? Do you remember, it is Sunny’s birthday today?

RITA: How can I forget the birthday of such a nice friend. Are you going?

JOHN: Definitely. At what time will you go?

RITA: At 7 p.m. Why don’t you come to my house. We’ll go together in my car.

JOHN: OK. I’ll come. Have you bought any present for Sunny?

RITA: Not yet. I am unable to decide. And what have you bought?

JOHN: I’ll give him Rs.101/- cash.

RITA: We should give him a nice gift. We can also buy a combined gift for him.

JOHN: Good idea. Let’s buy a good watch for him. Or suggest other gifts.

RITA: There may be other gifts like cricket bat, a set of pens etc.

JOHN: Sunny is fond of playing cricket. Why don’t we buy a good bat and a ball.

RITA: Let’s go to market then.
(At Sunny’s House)

JOHN: Hello dear Sunny! How are you feeling today?

RITA: You are looking very smart.

SUNNY: (angrily) I don’t want to talk to you. Have you got time to attend my birthday? Where have you been? Why are you so late?

RITA: In fact we got late in the market.

JOHN: We are extremely (very much) sorry. Haven’t you cut the cake as yet?

SUNNY: How can I? I was to cut the cake at 7.30pm. Now it is 8.00. I have been anxiously waiting for you.

JOHN: Now cheer up and cut the cake. We have brought a wonderful gift for you. Where are the candles and the matchbox? Let me light the candles. Call all the friends and other guests in this room.

RITA: Where is the photographer? Haven’t you arranged a camera?

SUNNY: Are you seeing a camera there?

RITA: Yeah.

SUNNY: Then pick it up and become a photographer

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