Mar 192011

BOB: Oh, God! I have lost another dollar today!

MINI: (Hitting at the machine with her fist) Let me hit this stupid machine.

BOB: I think it is often out of order. I lost a dollar in it last week too.

MINI: It may be eating up the money of other people too (hits the machine harder).

BOB: Don’t waste your energy Mini, you may get hurt.

MINI: Big companies are robbing the people. I shall break this machine today.

BOB: Don’t be crazy any more. Let’s go to a coffee house across the road.

MINI: But it is big cheating. Nobody can cheat my boy friend in such a way.

BOB: Cool down. Foolish things happen in this world. You can not change it.

MINI: But it is wrong.

BOB: Forget it, and let’s talk about our study.

MINI: I can’t tolerate them. I am very upset. (Tear a sheet of paper from her register, and write these words on it: Out of Order. Company of Thugs.)
BOB: I know, now nobody can stop you.

MINI: If I don’t do it more people will be robbed. (Stick the paper on machine by a chewing gum).

BOB: Should we move now?

MINI: (Giggling) Definitely. I am relieved.

  2 Responses to “Coffee vending machine is not working – English Conversation”

  1. So sad.Will surely pray for this to get right.

  2. What a tragedy especially if you are used to the having coffee from the vending machine only.Hope you are able to figure out the problem soon.

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