Mar 192011

INDER: Why are you sad? Haven’t you obtained (got) good marks?

RUPA: I have failed and it is a big shock to me.

INDER: Then you must make merry (enjoy, celebrate). It is time to celebrate.

RUPA: What are you saying? Have you gone mad? I am thinking of giving up my studies and you are asking me to celebrate. I am feeling miserable (very unhappy, in deep pain).

INDER: The life is short. We must spend it joyfully. And will tension and worry solve your problem? Then failures are pillars of success. We learn by failures. It is not the end of life. So cheer up and try again.

RUPA: To live happily you need appreciation, and our society respects a winner. No one likes a failure. A valuable year of my life has wasted. It is frustrating. I won’t do anything now.

INDER: OK. Jump into a river and commit suicide if you think it the best solution. I won’t utter a word. In fact, your way of thinking is wrong. If God closes one door he opens another, sometimes a better one. You have studied biographies (account of a person’s life) of some great men and women. So, why don’t you try to understand it?

RUPA: I can’t understand anything at this time, my mind is not working properly. Would you leave me alone please?

INDER: Not at all. I am your friend, not enemy. I must share even your sorrows. You keep on advising others and solving their problems. But when you face any problem you don’t listen to anyone. Don’t be a fool. Think calmly (peacefully) and face the reality bravely. Let us go for a walk now. It will help you clear the clouds of strain (tension)…….

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