Mar 192011

REEMA: Hello Soni! How is your study going on?

SONI: It’s going well. What about you?

REEMA: I am unable to study properly due to my horrible roommate.

SONI: Is she so ugly?

REEMA: She looks beautiful and smart like an ad model, but I can’t tolerate her.

SONI: Why can’t you?

REEMA: She has got some bad habits. She loves to listen to music till late night. She even loves to sing songs loudly. And she wants to involve me in gossips all the time.

SONI: You can strike a friendship with and then inspire her to study with you.

REEMA: She is least interested in studies. The spoilt brat (bad child) is from a rich family, and she is just passing her time here.

SONI: Why don’t you complain to the Warden then?

REEMA: I think I should, otherwise I am going to fail in my exam.

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