Mar 192011

It is a conversation between Raman and a Police Officer at a police station. Raman’s car has been stolen and he is at the police station to report the theft.

RAMAN : Excuse me please!

POLICE OFFICER : Please have a seat. How can I help you?

RAMAN : I have to get a report registered.

POLICE OFFICER : What happened?

RAMAN : My car has been stolen.

POLICE OFFICER : Where was it parked?

RAMAN : It was parked in metro parking of South Extension.

POLICE OFFICER : Was it properly locked? And do you have the parking receipt?

RAMAN : It was locked. Here is the receipt.

POLICE OFFICER : Tell me the detail of the car.

RAMAN : It is black Honda city, 2009 model. Its no. is ………

POLICE OFFICER : At what time did you know about the car theft?

RAMAN : I had parked it at 9 am while going to office. When I came back at 6 pm, my car was not there.

POLICE OFFICER : Did you enquire about it from the attendant at the parking?

RAMAN : Yes. He is unable to tell anything about it.

POLICE OFFICER : Could you submit photo copies of your identity proof, driving license and Rc of the car?

RAMAN : Definitely. But it will take me about ½ an hour to arrange them.

POLICE OFFICER : Please keep this copy of F.I.R with you. We’ll take action as soon as you submit the copies of required documents.

RAMAN : Thanking you Officer.

POLICE OFFICER : Welcome sir !

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