Mar 192011

Sam : What should we use to decorate this room?

John : I think ribbons and balloons will be good.

Sam : Why do we not use flowers for decoration?

John : On Christmas ribbons and balloons enhance the beauty of the room. If you want we can use flowers also. We can keep fresh flowers in the flower pot.

Sam : Will the curtains, we have in the room, look good?

John : They are good but I think we should use bright curtains to give brightness to the room. Enthusiasm and happiness double when there is brightness around us.

Sam : Do we need to keep more chairs in the room?

John : No. We should keep most of the space open. Guest must be able to move freely. For dinner we can make arrangement in the lawn. Fresh air and open area will make the people feel happy and relaxed.

Sam : What will we do in this room?

John : Light refreshment and cake can be taken here. We can also dance here, as after removing chairs we will have enough space for dance.

Sam : How to beautify the lawn?

John : Lawn is itself a beautiful place but if you want you can use different colour flowers. You can also fix electric lights around the tress and the pots.

Sam : We will need chairs and tables.

John : Yes, we do need. There should be enough tables and chairs so that the guests can take dinner comfortably, and enjoy chatting.

Sam : Yes, you are right. Now let’s start working. We have less time and more work.

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