Mar 192011

VANI: What will you do after your examination?

TOM: I’m thinking of taking up car diving classes.

VANI: Which centre are you planning to go to?

TOM: There is a New World Driving School set up by one of my friends. It’s near North End Square.

VANI: How many classes will be there?

TOM: 20 classes of half an hour each.

VANI: Will your parents give money?

TOM: I have set aside (keep separately) some pocket-money for it.

VANI: Then, go ahead, and join the school.

TOM: Why don’t you join with me?

VANI: I afraid I can’t afford the fee.
TOM: Don’t you think I am your friend? I shall pay for you. You can give me later.

VANI: Thank you Tom, I am so excited (thrilled).

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