Mar 192011
Candidate Appearing for an Interview – English Conversation

Candidate: May I come in, sir?

Interviewer: Come in please….. have a seat.

Candidate: Thanks.

Interviewer: Please tell us something about you.

Candidate: I passed 12th from CBSE with 75% marks. Now I am doing graduation from University of Delhi. I am also doing a part time job as a computer operator. My hobbies are watching cricket and listening to music.

Interviewer: Where are you working?

Candidate: I am working at the office of a chartered accountant in CP.

Interviewer: How much salary are you taking?

Candidate: Rs.3000/- per month.

Interviewer: Why do you want to leave that job?

Candidate: Firstly it is a part time job and I want to do a full time job. Secondly I am not interested in accounting.
Interviewer: You are doing graduation. How will you be able to do a full time job?

Candidate: I am doing graduation through correspondence. Therefore I am able to do a full time job.

Interviewer: Why do you want to join a call centre?

Candidate: I like to talk to others. Moreover, career prospectus are bright in a big company. Talent is valued here.

Interviewer: Cricket is one of your hobbies. Now tell me, who is better batsman – Sehwag or Brian Lara?

Candidate: In my opinion Lara is more experienced and a better batsman.

Interviewer: Which type of music do you like to listen to?

Candidate: I enjoy both classical and pop music.

Interviewer: Why do Punjabi pop songs are more popular in India than songs of any other Indian language?

Candidate: They are melodious and foot-tapping

Interviewer: Who is your favourite family member?

Candidate: My father is my favourite.

Interviewer: Why is he your favourite?

Candidate: He is hard-working and wise. Now and then he sits with us and gives friendly guidance.

Interviewer: If you are made the chief minister of Delhi state what would be your first two steps?

Candidate: To remove illegal encroachments from the city and ensure parking places in each colony.

Interviewer: And if you become God for one day tell us one thing you would like to do.

Candidate: To create a new world without violence.

Interview: How many buttons does your shirt have?

Candidate: Sorry sir, I never counted them.

Interviewer: When did Akbar the great land on moon?

Candidate: Actually he never landed on moon. He was king of India, a great mogul.

Interviewer: What is your weak point?

Candidate: Eating spicy food.

Interviewer: What is the main strength of your personality?

Candidate: The ability to talk to any person without hesitation.

Interviewer: Where do you see yourself after five years?

Candidate: Working in your company at a senior position.

Interviewer: Speak a few sentences on ‘a bunch of ripe bananas’.

Candidate: It reflects a healthy and zestful life. It also fills us with a feeling of togetherness. A spirit of cooperation among employees makes them more useful and valuable. . If we work in a team we become very competitive. Therefore join hands and move forward with confidence.

Interviewer: I am impressed with your answers. Would you like to have your appointment letter just now and join the company from the first of coming month.

Candidate: Definitely. Thanking you a lot for giving me an opportunity to serve the company.

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