Mar 192011

BOB: I have developed a good website but Google is not opening any adsense account.

MINI: They want that a site is developed according to their policies.

BOB: My site is following all of their policies; still their reply is always negative.

MINI: For how many times have you made a request?

BOB: Five times. See my site in the laptop. It has good and informative content.

MINI: I have already seen as you know I also submit articles in it. Their employees may be showing a careless attitude.

BOB: It seems so. I have seen so many bad sites having Adsense account. By this way they are damaging their image.

MINI: You know big companies also make such mistakes which they should not.

BOB: What should I do?

MINI: There is only one way. Keep updating and improving your site further and keep apply for Adsense. Meanwhile you can publish ads of other companies.

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