Mar 192011

Parul : There is a good news for you.

Simi : What is that?

Parul : I am getting married.

Simi : It is really a great news. When is it?

Parul : It is on 15th October. This is your invitation card.

Simi : You are telling me so late.

Parul : I am sorry. Everything got finalized in a hurry.

Simi : Who is the lucky man?

Parul : His name is Abhi. He works in my office.

Simi : So it is a love marriage.

Parul : Yes, it is.

Simi : I am going to prepare tea for you. Switch on the television. Here is the remote.

Parul : There is no need of tea. We shall have some other day. Today I am in a hurry. I have to distribute cards among my friends.

Simi : As you wish friend.

Parul : Do come with your family members.

Simi: All of us will come.

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