Mar 192011

TONY: Wow! Reena, come here! It is raining.

REENA: Aha! Suddenly the weather is so pleasant.

TONY: Yeah. What a relief from scorching (burning) heat of this city!

REENA: Summer heat was making me mad. Now I am feeling so happy. I love rains.

TONY: Let’s enjoy tea. Would you prepare?

REENA: We’ll take tea after some time. At this time I want cool showers on my body. Let’s stand in the balcony.

TONY: You know I catch cold easily.

REENA: (Pulling Tony along with her) we’ll have fun together. Please come.

TONY: Enough for me. Our clothes have got wet. We have to change.

REENA: Why do you fear so much? You don’t go out even if it is drizzling (falling of rain in very small drops).

TONY: If I get cold it is difficult for me to work properly for three or four days.

REENA: You are so boring.

TONY: There is no wisdom in bringing trouble just for little fun.

REENA: Oh God! I am shivering. Rain is always so lovely for me.

TONY: Don’t be crazy, come inside now.

REENA: Don’t worry about me. I won’t get cold.

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