Mar 192011

Alan: Hi, my name is Mohit. It’s nice to meet you.

Rosy: It’s my pleasure.

Alan: I have seen you in some ads. May I know your name?

Rosy: I am Rosy Pavlina. What do you do?

Alan: I am a singer in a music band.

Rosy: With which band are you associated.?

Alan: Crazy Boys of New York.

Rosy: It’s quite famous, but I have never seen you before.

Alan: I’ve recently joined them.

Rosy: Have you got training of singing?

Alan: No professional training. I just practised myself.

Rosy: In your opinion what’s my best ad.

Alan: I love all of them. Let’s have some coffee. Would you?

Rosy: Thank you. I have just taken.

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