Mar 192011

ROSY: Hi, Reena! What’re you doing?

REENA: Hi, Rosy! Glad to meet you.

ROSY: It’s my teacher’s birthday today and I’m unable to buy a gift for her.

REENA: You know buying a gift is the easiest task for a person.

ROSY: But I’m confused. Can you help me? Your choice is good.

REENA: Thanks for the complement. Buying gift is so simple. You just need to follow some steps.

ROSY: Please, tell.

REENA: While buying a gift keep the likes and dislikes of the person for whom you want to buy a gift. Tell me, if a person dislikes video games, can you gift him that?

ROSY: Not at all. He may even get angry.

REENA: Most people buy a gift for formality only. You are spending money. So buy a gift that will make that person happy.

ROSY: I also have many useless gifts which I want to throw away. But if we don’t know about the taste of a person, what should be done?

REENA: In such a situation it is better to present a gift coupon. A person will buy a gift of his choice.

ROSY: It is a good idea.

REENA: Do you know about the hobbies of your teacher?

ROSY: She loves to write poems.

REENA: Then buy a good diary and a pen for her. Present these gifts with a beautiful rose flower.

ROSY: Thank you; you’re such a nice friend.

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