Mar 192011

ROMA: My brother is very weak in English. But he is so hesitant that he is not agreeing to join a regular training center.

PAVLINA: Why don’t you teach him? Your English is good.

ROMA: I tried many times, but he never took my teaching seriously.

PAVLINA: Then he can improve his English online, in case, you have an internet connection.

ROMA: Can a person really improve English online?

PAVLINA: Why not?

ROMA: Can you tell me the ways to improve?

PAVLINA: He should visit WabsTalk regularly. Url:

ROMA: Do you think it is a reliable and good website?

PAVLINA: It is especially wonderful for your brother. Lessons are very easy – written by expert and experienced teachers. Everything on the site is systematic and properly linked.

ROMA: Will he be able to improve both grammar and spoken English?

PAVLINA: Certainly. He doesn’t actually need guidance. The procedure is quite easy. He can read grammar and solve the exercises himself for practice. Then there are a lot of conversations on a variety of topics to boost your confidence in speaking.

ROMA: I agree that he can improve grammar and sentence making online. But how will he improve his speaking?

PAVLINA: Engospeak experts have told that there is a simple way to improve speaking. Read conversations daily, and read loudly. Also practice the same conversations with your family members and friends. Gradually you will be very good speaker in English. This is the easiest way in the world. I myself learned to speak well and correctly.

ROMA: I know, you speak better English than me. I shall advise him. I hope he will improve his English just sitting at home, and without spending money.

PAVLINA: Let him try, and hope for the best.

ROMA: Can he get a certificate, if he needs?

PAVLINA: If he applies for a free course, he can get a valuable certificate too.

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  2. its a nice website to learn english.

  3. Very nice website to learn English

  4. Very good method to tell how to improve English in conversations. My all family members read and appreciated it.

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