Mar 192011

RONY: I have improved my sentence making in English now. Previously I used to make grammatical mistakes.

RITA: From where did you take coaching?

RONY: I learned it online. I did a course from WABS College of English.

RITA: I think it is not possible to learn any language online.

RONY: I also thought it but actually it is very easy. If lessons and tests are planned in a good way you can learn fast and easily.

RITA: Are you satisfied with their training.

RONY: They know their subject well and teach you honestly. I got help and special attention whenever I needed.

RITA: What did you learn?

RONY: I learned tenses, modals, voice, determiners, preposition, vocabulary, spoken English and many more. Most of my problems in English have solved.

RITA: More and more people prefer online education. You can learn sitting at your home.

RONY: People also save time by this way. Moreover internet provides us unlimited information.

RITA: Internet is also filled with thugs. We can’t believe others easily.

RONY: Yes. I agree. Many people take your money and you rarely receive value in return. Even many big and famous companies have poor customer care.

RITA: It is due to bad people that even good people are also seen with suspicion.

RONY: It happens every where. Like offline world online world also has great and sincere people. They serve others without greed.

RITA: See how much good information is there on net. I am amazed.

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  1. hi sir,
    i am looking for a job in INTERNATIONAL BPO but i have complited my eduction in marathi medium i can speek in english but not fluently.can yoy help me

  2. Hi i am hayatullah from afghanistan i want learn english its very possible to me tanks

  3. i am from Myanmar
    i want to learn english
    can you help me?

  4. am from Kochi.
    i want to learn english online.
    is it possible?

  5. i want to know how can i talk english fluently

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