Mar 192011

SIMI: Can we really live peacefully in this world?

RISHI: It is certainly possible.

SIMI: How is it ? There are so many tensions in life.

RISHI: Life is another name of tension and struggle. We can’t escape but we can learn to manage our tensions.

SIMI: What is the best way in your opinion?

RISHI: Meditation.

SIMI: But I don’t believe in God. How can I do meditation?

RISHI: Even an atheist can do meditation.

SIMI: I don’t agree.

RISHI: You should not till you understand the procedure.

SIMI: I am interested in listening to you.

RISHI: The art of meditation that I am telling you have nothing to do with God. It is related to simple visualization.

SIMI: I am curious to listen.

RISHI: Sit or lie anywhere. Just think that your mind and body are getting relaxed. Take deep breathing continuously. Visualize that your tensions or worries are flying in the sky. Your body is filling with new confidence. You are becoming healthier and happier. Just five minutes meditation thrice a day will give you a new, healthy and successful life without taking medicine or spending money.

SIMI: Wow! It is so simple.

RISHI: Best things in life are simple and free.

SIMI: Any person, whether a theist or atheist, can do it.

RISHI: So you agree now.

SIMI: Definitely. And I am grateful to you. Who taught you this method.

RISHI: My father. He is a writer and journalist. With his experience he has developed many gems.

SIMI: I would like to meet him.

RISHI: I shall definitely get an appointment for you.

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