Mar 192011

ANU: Vicky! You have been sneezing since morning. I am unable to concentrate on my work.

MONI: I think he gets cold twice a month and troubles everybody in this office.

ANU: And he keeps spreading the virus.

VICKY: I am sorry friends, but I can’t help. I take medicine regularly but I am unable to be free from this curse. My mind is always heavy and blocked.

MONI: And you take Allopathic medicines which never cure it. Moreover, you get side effects.

ANU: Actually, you need to change your lifestyle.

MONI: Take homeopathic treatment, you will be all right in six months.

VICKY: I have tried homeopathic also, but nothing works.

ANU: My father fought with this problems for years and ultimately he cured it by changing his lifestyle.

MONI: How can common cold be related to our lifestyle?

ANU: In brief, you often get common cold when your mind starts weeping with stored emotional energy. Mind is unable to cope with such a big volcano of energy. Your immune system is affected.

VICKY: Please simplify it, I am unable to understand.

ANU: You think too much and your mind is full of energy. Unfortunately you can not use it in a positive way. As a result you easily catch the virus of common cold.

VICKY: You are right, but how can I solve this problem?

ANU: You must do something creative, and do it passionately. Take balanced diet. And you need to play an aggressive game regularly or do some aggressive exercise. It is so simple, but hard to follow.

VICKY: Do you think it will make me free from common cold?

ANU: Now and then you may get it like most human beings. Though its frequency will get reduced remarkably.

MONI: How are you so sure of it?

ANU: My father told me all these things. He is professor of Physiology in the university.

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  1. Good! Nice presentation!!

  2. I loved this conversation. Good method to tread bad cold.

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