Mar 192011

MANJU: Hello Amir, how are you feeling now?

AMIR : Somewhat better. Allah saved my life.

KISHAN : Nobody can predict what will happen in future. How did the accident take place?

AMIR :Everything occurred fast. I had no time to save myself. I was going on my scooter. Suddenly a car swerved to my side to save a cow. The driver lost control and knocked me down.

MANJU : Thank God you are alive.

AMIR: (Indicating fingers towards the roof) God saved me. There is a fracture in my leg. I also got head-injury. Doctor has told that I am out of danger now. After the accident I became unconscious. They found my phone no. in my purse and informed my family.

KISHAN: Really, God gave you a new lease of life. Is the car driver under arrest?

AMIR :Yes, the police arrested him. But I think it was not his fault. A cow suddenly came in front of him and he became confused.

MANJU :Cows are everywhere on the roads of India. It is hazardous not only for the life of the citizens but also for the cows. Traffic police is doing nothing, our leaders are sleeping. How can they charge road-tax?

KISHAN: Who brought you to the hospital?

AMIR : The police brought me here.

KISHAN: Something must be done to assure the safety of the people.

AMIR: How did you come to know about my accident?

KISHAN : Dinesh rang up at night.

MANJU : OK. Amir take rest. Everything will be all right. We are leaving now.

KISHAN : May God recover you soon!

AMIR: Thanking you.

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