Mar 192011

Rosy: For a few days I have been noticing a change in your body language.

Katrina: What type of change?

Rosy: It seems something special has occurred in your life. You are happier than before. Your cheeks are rosier. But now and then you get lost somewhere. You are forgetting more often.

Katrina: But I don’t feel any change in me.

Rosy: You are telling a lie. Would you please tell me the truth?

Katrina: Let’s go to home. We are getting late.

Rosy: You are my friend; still you are hiding something very important from me.

Katrina: To be very frank, I have fallen for (in love with) someone.

Rosy: Who is that lucky fellow?

Katrina: Stephen King.

Rosy: The captain of our college cricket team?

Katrina :Yeah!

Rosy: Does he also love you?

Katrina: He confessed (agreed to) his love last month. And actually I was dying to listen to it from him.

Rosy: So you both are love birds now. But don’t believe on boys. He may fall in love with another girl any time.

Katrina: As far as I know him, he will not cheat me. One good woman in life is enough for him.

Rosy: In modern world it is very difficult. I can only say: May God bless you!

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