Mar 192011

ROSY: Hi Monty! How are you? I have been trying to contact you for many days. Your phone is often switched off.

MONTY: I was busy and mostly out of town.

ROSY: How is your girl friend Julia? She has also disappeared.

MONTY: We are not meeting any more.

ROSY: What happened? Did you quarrel?

MONTY: There is break-up between us. We have got sick of each other.

ROSY: I don’t believe. You were going so well.

MONTY: It happens. It was all well in the beginning. Then suddenly we were unable to tolerate each others’ weaknesses.

ROSY: Very sad. How are you feeling after break-up?

MONTY: I must say I am feeling miserable.

ROSY: Come out of it soon. There are other girls.

MONTY: But it will take time. It may not be easy to forget Julia.

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