Mar 192011

RAVI: Hi Sam! What are you doing?

SAM: Nothing.

RAVI: Let’s go to watch a movie.

SAM: Which movie?

RAVI: There many good movies at WAVE cinema.

SAM: It is Sunday, we may not get tickets.

RAVI: There are three cinema halls in the area, and all are multiplex. It means total 12 theatres. Moreover, tickets of good movies are always available.

SAM: Why don’t we watch ‘Wake up Sid’? I have read its review. It is a good movie.

RAVI: Yeah, we can watch this movie.

SAM: At what time should we go?

RAVI: Meet me at the bus stop of our area at 5.30 pm.

SAM: I’ll meet you near Barista coffee house.

RAVI: Ok. I’ll meet you there.

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