Mar 282011

1. He often goes to meet them.
2. They often play video games.

1. They usually watch social movies.
2. He generally wears white dresses.

Now & Then/Sometimes
1. They come here now and then.
2. Sometimes she listens to music.

Some Time
1. Please come to meet me some time.

1. We are extremely happy today.
2. She was extremely beautiful.

1. She rarely talks to her neighbours.
2. They rarely come to meet us.

1. My friend hardly reads a newspaper.
2. I hardly talk to them.

1. Somehow we arranged money.
2. Somehow we shall reach there on time.

1. I have lost my book somewhere.
2. They have gone somewhere.

(Mostly for interrogative or negative sentences)
1. Have you seen him anywhere ?
2. The child cannot go anywhere.

1. I am really very sorry.
2. They were really very happy.

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