Mar 192011

Pizza Hut: Pizza Hut. How can I help you?

Customer: I would like to order two pizzas please.

Pizza Hut: OK. I am transferring your call to home delivery department. Wait for a moment pelase.

Home DD: Welcome sir! What would you like to order?

Customer: Two standard size veg. pizzas.

Home DD: Anything else sir!

Customer: Nothing else.

Home DD: Can I have your name and address please?

Customer: Oh sure. My name is………… and the address is………………..

Home DD: And phone no.?

Customer: It is 98…………

Home DD: Can you tell me about any landmark that can help our boy to locate your house easily?

Customer: My house is near the community centre….. How long will you take to deliver?

Home DD: About 20 minutes sir.

Customer: How much have I to pay to your delivery boy?

Home DD: Only Rs.130/- sir.

Customer: Thanks.

Home DD: Welcome. Bye for now.

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