Mar 192011

Amita: Hey! What are you doing? Why are you lifting up my car?

Traffic Policeman: Are you the owner of this car, ma’m?

Amit: Of course, I am..

TP: You have violated (broken) the traffic rule.

Amita: What have I done?

TP: You have parked your car on the road. Now you will have to come to the police station to pay the penalty and take your car.

Amita: Why shall I? I’m shopping here and my car is parked in front of the shop.

TP: A road is not a parking place. You should’ve parked your car in a parking place.

Amita: What should the public do if there is no parking place nearby? Don’t forget you are public servants. You can’t harass the people.

TP: As a public servant it is my duty to enforce traffic regulations. And we have the right to punish the offenders.

Amita: I agree. But where should I park my car?

TP: We are leaving you this time. From now on never park your car on the road.

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