Mar 192011

Property dealer : How can I help you?

Mr. John : I want to take a house on rent.

Property dealer : Are you preferring any particular area?

Mr. John : I am new in India. I do not have any idea about the area. I want a good area to live in.

Property dealer : Where are you from?

Mr. John : I am from Canada.

Property dealer : For what purpose are you in India?

Mr. John. : I am on business tour.

Property dealer : Do you have your identity proof?

Mr. John : Yes, I have.

Property dealer : Would you live alone or with your family?

Mr. John : My wife is with me.

Property dealer : For how many months do you want the house on rent?

Mr. John : At least for three months.

Property dealer : I have a good 2 rooms set but right now I do not have the key of the house. I would show you the house tomorrow. Will it go?

Mr. John : I do not have any problem. When shall I come tomorrow?

Property dealer : Come at 11 am.

Mr.John : I will reach. Thanks.

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