Mar 192011

KATIE: I have decided to quit my job.

GOGA: What happened?

KATIE: Our new boss is a big headache.

GOGA: Keep patience. Learn to handle him

KATIE: I have had enough of him. He is hard nut to crack (difficult to deal with).

GOGA: Our country is passing through recession. It won’t be easy to get a new job.

KATIE: But I can’t tolerate the stress anymore. I’ll become crazy.

GOGA: What is his problem?

KATIE: He keeps losing tempers on minor things. You can’t work peacefully even for a few minutes.

GOGA: Are other employees also troubled?

KATIE: Fifteen people work under him. About ten have decided to quit.

GOGA: Don’t worry, I am with you. I shall file your resume on a few job sites, tonight.

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