Mar 192011

JOHN: Hi….Mintoo!

MINTOO: (braking his bike)…..hi, John!

JOHN: Where are you rushing to?

MINTOO: I am going to Rita’s house, to return her CD.

JOHN: Is it a movie?

MINTOO: Yea……Terminator-3, genuine video CD, it was a big fun to watch it.

JOHN: I haven’t watched this movie. Can’t you give it to me for today?

MINTOO: No way, man. She will hit me on the head. You know her anger.

JOHN: Yea, she is very hot-headed, especially if you don’t keep your word.

MINTOO: So you have to talk to her for this CD.

JOHN: Let it be. I shall buy one from the market.

MINTOO: OK. See you tomorrow.

JOHN: Don’t drive too fast, there is heavy traffic on the road.

MINTOO: Don’t worry, nothing will happen to me.
(Mintoo took his way across the park and headed to Rita’s house).

JOHN: (muttering) Crazy boy, fan of a crazy girl.

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