Mar 192011

MANI: Holi is a good festival, I love it.

SONI: I think it is the worst festival of India. I don’t like it.

MANI: Why don’t you?

SONI: I feel this festival is a license to tease girls in the society.

MANI: How can you say it?

SONI: Don’t you see how girls are troubled at this festival? Many days before Holi they fear to go out. They can’t attend schools, colleges or offices. Colour and water-filled balloon are thrown upon them.

MANI: It is simple fun for a few days. They shouldn’t feel annoyed.

SONI: How can they enjoy it when their clothes get spoiled? Many of them get injured when balloons hit them hard. I hate the society which allows it.

MANI: You are overstating. Colours and balloons are thrown on men too. It is a festival of friendship.

SONI: How will you feel when your own sister or mother is disrespected on the roads or in streets in this way? Won’t you get angry?

MANI: Without some toleration you can’t enjoy any festival.

SONI: In my opinion, no female should tolerate any disrespect. The society which worships its female goddesses feels happy while humiliating a woman. You can’t support double standard.

MANI: Do you think festival of Holi be banned?

SONI: If our society can’t leave its double standard then, it must be.

  9 Responses to “Should festival of holi be banned? – A hot debate”

  1. I have completely agree with this, yes Holi festival should be banned in india. I have seen many people playing very worst on this day n they tease a girl like anything. What if a festival disrespect the girls, do we need this festival in india.

  2. Holi should be banned immediately.

    This is because it is a horrible occasion with many undesirable aspects such as:-
    1.criminal wastage of water,
    2.use of harmful chemicals,
    3. violation of privacy and forcible application of colour,
    4. use of intoxicants such as bhang,
    5. molestation of women,
    6. use of vulgar language in the public
    7. tearing of clothes
    …the list of its harmful aspects goes on and on.

    And it is simply disgraceful to tarnish the good name of festival by calling Holi as a festival.

  3. We should not forget that holi is the festival of fire not colours. Playing with colours is a mere waste of money and time perhaps they are all chemicals which leads to many many allergies. Each year many people get infected to any eye or skin problem due to holi. Therefore it should be banned. We should fire holika on holi. So much water is wasted in holi. We wear our clothes and play holi where on the other hand those clothes can be donated.

  4. Holi is extremely worst festival. Because as soni said that it desrespect womans. Not just that matter, people also serve bhang which is a human killer. How can religion allow people to destroy them selves. Another thing while playing holi there is lot of misbehaviour happens. Such as a man forget what he is doind with other. The colors are harmful for the skins. If these things are good then holi is good

    • Hi – i m anot agree with you, i saw how womans enjoyed holi, and i also play with them, its very godd festival

    • Hi – I am completely disagree with you because we can play holi for our enjoyment, not to harm ourselves and we can avoid the bad things which you have mentioned.

  5. i fear about to use did and has ?so how can i differential it

    • guys lets not be pessimistic. Holy is our religious festival and we should play only with girls/women we know personally.
      Its matter of great debate as to whether it should be banned or not so misbehaviour apart, lets respect women during holi times.

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