Mar 192011

IRENE: Hello, Hema! Where are you going?

HEMA: Not going, but coming back from my school.

IRENE: Do you teach in a school?

HEMA: Yeah, I do.

IRENE: When did you join the school? You didn’t tell me.

HEMA: We have not been in touch for long. And I was a bit busy.

IRENE: In which school do you teach?

HEMA: In National Model Public School.

IRENE: What subject do you teach?

HEMA: I teach Math.

IRENE: Which classes do you teach?

HEMA: Senior secondary classes.

IRENE: Where is your school situated?

HEMA: It is at India Gate.

IRENE: Who is the principal of this school?

HEMA: Mrs. Merry Bush.

IRENE: How many teachers are there in your school?

HEMA: There are thirty teachers.

IRENE: At what time do you reach the school?

HEMA: I reach at 7.15am.

IRENE: When does the school break up?

HEMA: It breaks up at 1.30pm.

IRENE: Do you also give a lot of home work to your students?

HEMA: Our school is working differently. We don’t give home work like other schools.
We teach them well at school.

IRENE: Why don’t you give home work?

HEMA: Too much burden of studies hampers the physical and mental development of a student. It may actually crush the talent of many students.

IRENE: Doesn’t the policy of your school affect the annual result?

HEMA: No. Our school is considered one of the best schools our country.

IRENE: How are you able to achieve good result without home-work? Home-work helps a student to revise and learn better.

HEMA: If you help a student to develop personality it helps him/her to have sharper brain and better health. It improves their performance.

IRENE: How does the school help a student to get a good personality?

HEMA: Every week we arrange a personality development session.

IRENE: What do you teach in this session?

HEMA: We teach them the art of getting more brain power and art of meditation. We advise them to do exercise or play games everyday. It is necessary for physical fitness. We also advise them to read newspapers and watch informative TV programmes.

IRENE: I am impressed. I shall get my son admitted in your school.

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