Mar 182011


  • It is an age of communication skill.  The more efficient you are the more ability you get to make a bright career.  More and more people run online for help.  It is also sad to note that most of the websites made to guide people are run by incompetent persons.  How can they teach you good English.
  • Keeping it in mind this site has been developed.  Everything has been planned in a very easy way.  You can learn spoken English as well as grammar and vocabulary.  If you want you can also become master of English language just sitting at home.
  • contains:  Question Making, Situation speaking, useful English conversations on a large number of topics,  English Grammar (written in a very easy way), Grammar tests, daily use sentences and vocabulary.
  • To learn spoken and written English you visit this site at least twice a week.  Read grammar, Conversations and learn a few new words. Also practice tests.  Important: Whenever you read a conversation please read it loudly. It will program your mind and you will improve faster.
  • While solving an exercise or test write answers in your register, then check. It is the best practice as your mind learn better this way.



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  1. hi..
    u said that if we visit this site regularly then we can learn easily, iam very interested in that but i have a little bit of confusion that from where i have to start. so, plz can u guide as early as possible.

    with regards

  2. i want from this sit learn to english thats very great to me and appricate from this sit

  3. i want 2 save file frm,, may i

  4. this site helps me nice

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