Mar 172011

NITA: Hello!  Am I talking to Mr. Bill, the electrician?

BILL:  Yeah M’am.

NITA: Could you come to our home?  There is an electrical problem?

BILL  What’s the problem M’am?

NITA:   Lights are not working properly.  There is a smell of burning.  Probably wires are burning some where, but I am unable to know.

BILL:   Please don’t switch on any light.  I am coming soon.

NITA:  How much time will you take?

BILL:  I’ll be there in an hour.

NITA:  But it’s too long a period.  We are already in problem.  Can’t you come sooner.

BILL:   I’ll try.

BILL:  Please try your best. We are waiting.


(After an hour the door bell rings.  Bill is at the door.)


BILL:  Hello M’am, I am Bill.

NITA:  Please come in, and find out the problem.

STEVE:  (After checking) Wires are burning at this corner.  They are actually very old. They need to be replaced.

NITA:  OK.  Please try to mend the fault at earliest.

BILL:  I am going to market to purchase the wires.  I’ll be back just in ten minutes.

NITA:   Do you need some money.

BILL  No.  I’ll take it later.

(After the work of wire replacement is complete).

NITA:  Thanks. How much have I to pay you Bill?

STEVE:  Only 50 dollars M’am.

NINA:  (Surprised) 50 dollars!    It is too much.  You are over-charging.

BILL:   Not at all M’am.  Wire cost 30 dollars. My labor is only20 dollars.

NITA:  I can’t give you more than 40.

BILL:  It’s not fair.  It took me two hours to replace the wires.  I’m not charging much.

NITA:  (Giving money) OK, take 45 dollar. Don’t speak now.

BILL: As you wish M’am.

NITA: Thanks Bill.

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