Mar 192011

RAMAN : I am dead tired today.

MADHU : Today? You are often tired.

RAMAN : Would you please check my B.P? I am not feeling well.

MADHU : ……Your B.P is high. You need to take a pill.

RAMAN : I have got fed up. Tension is killing me.

MADHU : You have been consulting your doctor for two years, but you are mostly down.

RAMAN : I feel frustrated in life.

MADHU : Johny you are not able to cope up with the pressure of business. You have only two options; Get retired from business or change your life style.

RAMAN : You know I am going according to the advice of my doctor. What else can I do?

MADHU : I always advice you to take two steps but you do not listen. Your health is breaking down slowly. Only medicine won’t solve the problem.

RAMAN : Do you think you are better than a doctor?

MADHU : No, but I am a writer and a teacher. I have instruction. You need to take some steps but doctor may not tell you.

RAMAN : I think I should try to follow what you tell. This work pressure is already ruining my life.

MADHU : Now you are behaving like a wise man. Follow the steps which I often tell you.

RAMAN : Please repeat darling.
MADHU : No. 1,reach home by 7 pm everyday so that I can help you relax. Take tea, gossip with me, watch T.V

RAMAN : So difficult. I have to leave early from office.

MADHU : First thing is saving life by maintaining health.

RAMAN : What is second step? I think it is meditation.

MADHU : Have quick 1 minute meditation several times in a day . Meditate in the office. Meditate while you are at a red light. Meditate in the morning and at night. 5 to 6 quick meditation during a day can change your life.

RAMAN : I promise I shall reach home early and do quick meditation. Recently I read an article about value of meditation. Now I must start it.

MADHU : It is better to train your mind to relax than to get habitual to medication.

RAMAN : I am eager to come out of my resent hell of pressure. Tell me how to meditate.

MADHU : Just close your eyes. Feel your pressure is flying away. Your mind and body are relaxing. Take deep breathing too at a traffic red light. Do keep your eyes opening and closing so that you move on as soon as there is a green light.

RAMAN : I can understand. Everything is simple and easy. I love you darling.

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