Mar 192011

In this conversation two new college students have an introductory talk and become friends. They are sitting in the library.

HENRY: Hello! May I know your name please?

MUKESH: I am Mukesh. And what’s your good name please?

HENRY: My name is Henry. I am glad to talk to you. I recently took admission in B.A. English Hons.

MUKESH: I am also a new student. I have taken B.A. Pass. Have you liked this college?

HENRY: Definitely. It is a reputed college. I appreciate (admire, praise) it for its strict discipline and good teachers.

MUKESH: I agree. Library of this college is also impressive. It has a lot of useful books.

HENRY: Yes, it is true. Where do you live?

MUKESH: I live at Tilak Nagar, and you?

HENRY: I live at Timarpur. What are your parents?

MUKESH: My father is an I.A.S. officer in finance ministry, and my mother is a teacher.

HENRY: You have well-educated parents.

MUKESH: What about your parents?

HENRY: My father is a businessman. He exports ready-made garments. And my mother is a housewife. Though we have two cars yet my parents insist (demand or say firmly) that
I should go to college by bus.

MUKESH: I think travelling by bus is more comfortable. I myself come by bus.

HENRY: But I dislike buses. There is rush and they never come on time. State government is not managing the bus service properly.

MUKESH: What are your hobbies?

HENRY: I have only one hobby – playing cricket.

MUKESH: I also like cricket. But I play only on Sunday. Are you a batsman or bowler?

HENRY: I am a batsman. I was captain of my school cricket team. Though my parents keep criticising me for my cricket craze.

MUKESH: Now it is time to attend the class. We shall meet again after the class.

HENRY: Oh sure!

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  1. i want to improve My English speaking

  2. very good conversation. It is very impressive ………..

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