Mar 192011

Jony : How will you celebrate new year?

Sim : I have not decided yet. How will you celebrate it?

Jony : I am planning to go to watch a movie with my friends.

Sim : Why do you not go to disco?

Jony : Have you ever been there?

Sim : Yes, I often go there.

Jony : How is the atmosphere there?

Sim : It is very good. You must go there.

John : Would you accompany me?

Sim : As I have not decided what to do on new year so I think I will be able to go but you should ask your friends whether they are interested in going.

John : I will. I think they would love to go.

Sim : Let me know if you are able to decide by tomorrow. I will have to buy entry tickets.

John : I will definitely tell you by tomorrow.

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  1. its the way to understand easy

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