Mar 192011

Policeman: Hey! Stop your car.

Roma: (Stopping her car, surprisingly). What is the matter?

Policeman: You have violated the traffic rule.

Roma: What are you saying? I haven’t committed any offence.

Policeman: Don’t tell a lie. You should have stopped your car at red light but you skipped it. Such negligence may cause an accident.

Roma: (Realizing her mistake) Oh! I am extremely sorry. In fact the crossing was free and I was in a hurry, thus I failed to notice the red light.

Policeman: But you are expected to drive carefully and cautiously on the road. You can’t endanger your or others life.

Roma: Would you please pardon me this time?

Policeman: How can we allow persons like you to create chaos on the roads. Traffic police is for your safety. I am making out your challan. Take out your driving licence.

Roma: (Showing her driving licence) It is my driving license. Please try to understand me. I didn’t commit mistake intentionally. I assure I will be more careful in future.

Policeman: Please don’t try to argue, and give me $……. It is the minimum penalty.

Roma: (Seriously) Try to realize my helplessness. I have only 3 dollars in my purse, I may need it. My friend is seriously ill. I am going to her house to enquire after her health.

Policeman: Okay, okay….. you are being pardoned this time. Henceforward follow the traffic rules carefully.
Roma: (Having a sigh of relief) Thanking you very much.

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