Mar 192011

Amit: Hello Sumit, How are you?

Sumit: I am fine.

Amit: You look upset today. Is everything OK?

Sumit: No.

Amit: What’s the matter?

Sumit: Actually, I am searching for a good hostel for my younger brother.

Amit: Why do you want to send him there?

Sumit: Because, he is not taking his studies seriously and becoming careless.

Amit: So, do you think that it is the best solution?

Sumit: Yes, there he will learn discipline and become self-dependent.

Amit: Is he ready to go?

Sumit: No, but I have warned him earlier that if he doesn’t pass this time I will send him to hostel.

Amit: According to me, you should make him understand and give him a chance.

Sumit: I and my family made him understand many times. Everything is useless. He has joined a bad company. So, right now it has become necessary to take a hard step to help him make a bright future.

Amit: OK! I think, you are right. Then when are you going to send him? I will also go with you.

Sumit: As soon as I get information about a good hostel I will inform you.

Amit: Fine, I will wait for your call. Bye!

Sumit: Bye!

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