Apr 032011

CELEBRITY: Hello! Is it Wabs?

RECEPTIONIST: Yes. To whom am I talking?

CELEBRITY: I am ……Khan from Bollywood.

RECEPTIONIST: Warm welcome sir! I am so glad to have received your call. You are a big star of Bollywood.

CELEBRITY: Your institution is very famous in Delhi. I want to join a 2 months course in Communication Skills.

RECEPTIONIST: Will you learn online sir?

CELEBRITY: I can join a regular class in your Delhi branch. I am here for two months continuous shooting of a movie.

RECEPTIONIST: We appreciate your interest sir. From when do you want to join?

CELEBRITY: From coming Monday. But I won’t take coaching in a group. I want one to one class. I mean no other student with me.

RECEPTIONIST: We can definite arrange individual coaching for you. Which time will be suitable to you?

CELEBRITY: 8 to 9 in the morning. Will you be able to send someone to my hotel. It will not be easy to come to your institute. I am ready to pay extra.

RECEPTIONIST: Very sorry sir. We have no arrangements for home or at the place tuitions. And we regret it very much sir.

CELEBRITY: I am ready to come to your institute. But seeing the high traffic on the roads of Delhi, only 7 to 8 am class will suit me. Would you be able to provide me this time?

RECEPTIONIST: We shall definitely provide you this time sir.

CELEBRITY: How much have I to pay?

RECEPTIONIST: You have to pay Rs.7000/- only per month. For specialized coaching with American or British accent coaching it will be Rs.10,000/-

CELEBRITY: I have recently signed a Hollywood movie and I urgently need to brush-up my English speaking. Please provide me a good teacher.

RECEPTIONIST: Don’t worry sir. We’ll provide you one of our best teachers.

CELEBRITY: Thanks a lot Madam.

RECEPTIOINIST: It is my pleasure sir. Welcome to Delhi, welcome to our institution.

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