Apr 012011

SUNNY: Hi Hameed! I am Sunny from India.

HAMEED: Hi Sunny! How are you friend?

SUNNY: I am fine and very happy. Did you see the semi-final between India and Pakistan?

HAMEED: Congrats dear friend. India played better and defeated Pakistan.

SUNNY: Pakistan also played well and gave a tough fight. I think luck was on India’s side.

HAMEED: If they had not dropped Sachin the result might have been different.

SUNNY: I agree. Indian players were struggling while batting. Except Sehwag no other player was comfortable in batting.

HAMEED: In my opinion pitch made it difficult to play. Even the Pakistani batsmen found it difficult to score runs. You may be celebrating the victory of India.

SUNNY: The whole India is celebrating. It was a bone-chilling match. There were stressful moments for the people of both countries. As soon India won people came out of houses to dance and burst crackers.

HAMEED: And there was a gloom in whole Pakistan. Very sad day for us.

SUNNY: But our media is also praising Pakistan for giving a tough competition to India. You know Pakistan cricket has passed through bad period due to match-fixing charges on many players. But they bounced back fast and played good cricket in world cup. Reaching semi-final was itself a good achievement.

HAMEED: Yes friend. Now, I hope India will beat Sri Lanka in finals. I wish for your country.

SUNNY: Thank you friend. When are you coming to India? Most of your relative live here.

HAMEED: May be after two months to attend the marriage of my cousin sister in Lucknow.

SUNNY: I am happy to know. We shall spend a good time together.

HAMEED: I also want to meet you. It has been two years since we met last time.

SUNNY: Waiting for you eagerly dear friend.

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