Apr 052011

Part I Person
1. The tiger was killed by the hunter.
2. This story was written by O’Henry.

Part II Transport
1. He will go by air.
2. I sent the documents by mail.
3. They will travel by bus.

Part III Selling
1. Milk is sold by the litre.
2. Bananas are sold by the dozen.

Part IV Time (Period)
1. I had completed this work by 5 PM.
2. They will pay off the loan by June.

– He walked by me without speaking.
– May I pay by cheque?
– He earns his bread and butter by writing.
– Switch it on by pressing that button.
– You can get promotion by working hard.
– I caught the thief by the neck.
– This room is 15′ by 20′.
– The bullet missed him by one centimeter.
– Is the curtain short by one feet?
– He is an advocate by profession.
– She swore by God.
– Keep a dictionary by you while reading.
– I am an Indian by birth.
WITHOUT – not having

1. You can’t leave a country without a passport.
2. Don’t touch anything without my permission.
3. She posted the letter without a stamp.
4. Never act without thought.
5. Has he left without speaking?

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