Apr 072011

Change the Following Sentences into Passive Voice:-

1. I am not allowing him.

2. My grandmother is reading a book.

3. Is your friend not listening to the music?

4. I am not disturbing you.

5. We are buying a gift.

6. Is she not accepting mistake?

7. I am filling water.

8. Are you buying a pen?

9. Am I not helping you?

10. The teacher is asking questions.


1. He is not being allowed by me.
2. A book is being read by my grandmother.
3. Is the music not being listened to by your friend?
4. You are not being disturbed by me.
5. A gift is being bought by us.
6. Is mistake not being accepted by her?
7. Water is being filled by me.
8. Is a pen being bought by you?
9. Are you not being helped by me?
10. Questions are being asked by the teacher.

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