Apr 072011

Change the Following Sentences into Passive Voice:-

1. I am driving a car.

2. He is watering the plants.

3. He is not taking loan.

4. My mother is buying a dress.

5. You are misunderstanding me.

6. They are not creating a good impression.

7. Is he telling the truth?

8. Doctor is giving medicine.

9. Are you playing chess?

10. Is she not enjoying the party?


1. A car is being driven by me.
2. The plants are being watered by him.
3. Loan is not being taken by him.
4. A dress is being bought by my mother.
5. I am being misunderstood by you.
6. A good impression is not being created by them.
7. Is the truth being told by him?
8. Medicine is being given by doctor.
9. Is chess being played by you?
10. Is the party not being enjoyed by her?

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