Apr 072011

Change the following sentences into passive voice:-

1. He helps me.

2. Doctor gives us medicine.

3. She likes flowers.

4. We enjoy their company.

5. Do you play cricket?

6. Do they cheat others?

7. I respect my elders.

8. You disturb him.

9. We do not allow the children to go alone.

10. I park my car in the parking place.

Answers: –

1. I am helped by him.
2. Medicine is given to us by doctor.
3. Flowers are liked by her.
4. Their company is enjoyed by us.
5. Is cricket played by you?
6. Are others cheated by them?
7. My elders are respected by me.
8. He is disturbed by you.
9. Children are not allowed to go alone by us.
10. My car is parked in the parking place by me.

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