Apr 072011

Change the Following Sentences into Passive Voice:-

1. Do you follow traffic rules?

2. My father deposits money.

3. Does she not like burger?

4. Do they bring chocolates?

5. She does not listen to the music.

6. I do not like green vegetables.

7. Do they not take tea?

8. Ravi brings toffees.

9. Do your neighbours not help you?

10. I give them time.


1. Are Traffic rules followed by you?
2. Money is deposited by my father.
3. Is burger not liked by her?
4. Are chocolates brought by them?
5. The music is not listened to by her.
6. Green vegetables are not liked by me.
7. Is tea not taken by them?
8. Toffees are brought by Ravi.
9. Are you not helped by your neighbours?
10. They are given time by me.

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