Apr 072011

Change the Following Sentences into Passive Voice:-

1. They have watched this film.

2. I have not completed home-work.

3. He has not informed the police.

4. Has your mother not opened an account?

5. I have bought flowers.

6. My friend has started business.

7. Have you not bought gift?

8. I have written paragraphs.

9. We have left that house.

10. Have you got job?


1. This film has been watched by them.
2. Home-work has not been completed by me.
3. The police has not been informed by him.
4. Has an account not been opened by your mother?
5. Flowers have been bought by me.
6. Business has been started by my friend.
7. Has gift not been bought by you?
8. Paragraphs have been written by me.
9. That house has been left by us.
10. Has job been got by you?

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