Apr 072011

Change the Following Sentences into Passive Voice

1. They have taken a flat.

2. My father has given car.

3. I have not spent money.

4. Has servant given message?

5. They have bought gifts.

6. What Has your friend liked?

7. My grand-father has given coin.

8. Has that boy not returned your money?

9. Bank manager has refused loan.

10. Who has told a lie.


1. A flat has been taken by them.
2. Car has been given by my father
3. Money has not been spent by me.
4. Has message been given by servant?
5. Gifts have been bought by them.
6. What has been liked by your friend?
7. Coin has been given by my grandfather.
8. Has your money not been returned by that boy?
9. Loan has been refused by bank manager.
10. By whom has a lie been told.

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